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Tiffanie, Client

On July 2019, I started my fitness journey...ALL OVER AGAIN. I was making excuses on why I was gaining until finally one day... I was tired of letting my excuses be the reason why I didn’t take my health and fitness serious. I was introduced to an amazing fitness trainer named Destiny Jackson. One time, I cried because life was taking over  and she yelled to me “sis, this Journey is for you”.... I’ve been going hard ever since! Thank you Destiny for pushing me beyond my expectations!

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Sydnei, Client

Des has been awesome to work with in the process to reach our goals on top of being an amazing supporter through our journey as my trainer and a friend.

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Faith, Client

Destiny has helped build more than just my physical journey, her work has advanced all aspects of my life journey. If it wasn’t for the help of Destiny, I wouldn’t have gotten the push I need to get going every day.

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Miracle, Client

Destiny is so motivating and fun! She genuinely cares for me and all of her clients, and she pushes me to my full potential every session. I always look forward to training with her every